Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Make Mac Work

All my talk about policies and politics, about who decides how we manage our computers... Well, this link will take you to an explanation of what and how we could (should) do business with our Macs. There are parallel tales in the Windows and Linux worlds. But given that we have put our money on Macintosh, this makes the most sense.

I won't pretend to describe what Ellis Jordan Bojar writes. About him: "Ellis Jordan Bojar is the Lead Enterprise Engineer at CreativeTechs, where he specializes in advising medium-to-large businesses in the management and integration of their Macintosh systems. He is an Apple Certified Systems Administrator, has been a Unix sysadmin for over ten years, and has worked on Macintosh computers since their debut in 1984."

Thanks be to my consultant, Ben Griffith.