Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wind on Minister's Pond

Snug in a cabin a gale swirls 'round.
Unseen yet fierce,
apparitions in the daylight.

Invisible forces
chase through the trees
break a limb, topple man's toys.
The breath of the planet,
in and out in random intervals.

Without contrast - they have no form
Defined only by the alter-elements
water, wind, light and shadow
across the pond.
The dance of the wind,
push and recede, push recede.
Waves appear, flatten, then reappear
Water revealed by wind and light

Friday, October 2, 2009


Standing in the dark
Alone... just me
I wait and look again
Dark but spacious with a breath.

The full Moon rises tonight
I place my attention there
why not write it down.

These ordinary moments are exceptional
full of life
with eyes looking and relaxed.
I could desire something more - naah!