Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wish Fulfilling Jewel

Reason for hope, in an age of dis-pair-ity

There are many signs of greed in this year. The fruits of this greed are being felt by us all as we watch our savings, our home values, our job security, our confidence being shaken. There are also signs of hope and benevolence. Within the fabric of our society, locally and worldwide, there are people working for justice and the benefit of all. These people are working selflessly and persistently toward the greater good. We catch glimpses of them in our local newspaper, on the street and on the rare national stories we read or hear. Sometimes we have to listen carefully for these positive signs. Our preoccupation with personal matters and the disparity of bad news over good can drown out these messages. It isn't easy to balance the demands of our busy lives and the most available news is not generally the most in depth or uplifting. Sometimes it appears easier and/or more prudent to be cynical, to build a mantel around our family and our self.

We are in the 12 days of Christmas when gifts are given to us in a grand parade. I would like to suggest that we all gives ourselves a gift this Holiday Season, whether we are Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, or Jain. Give yourself peace, contentment, thanks, love and acceptance. Just as the leaders of these religions would suggest, go to a silent place inside yourself - settle your mind and meditate upon this - very - moment. Breathe in, breathe out. Smile at the wonder of your precious human birth. From this place remember the love that you have received from childhood until this day; the love that raised you, that sustains you each and every day. From that recognition, picture the face of humanity; your family, friends acquaintances, strangers and the rest of humanity. Send them your love and a wish for their peace. Return to your breath, your smile. Effortlessly, simply recognize the peace you can cultivate in a moment.

The wish fulfilling jewel is a wish for the benefit and happiness of all sentient beings. Through this wish we practice peace for our own benefit as we practice peace for the benefit of all. Idealistic - yes, practical - certainly. Does it work? Try it and see.