Monday, December 8, 2008

A Glimmer of Hope for Tech and Instruction

Last Wednesday I found out that the workshop on Instructional Practice, scheduled for today, is focused on Instructional Practice with Technology. Imagine my surprise as that is what I've been thinking, writing and researching since taking this job. I'm still not sure why no one told me about it. It sounds like something you'd want the tech director to know about. At any rate, the workshop is happening, I'm thrilled that it is happening. I will be there with 2 of my staff. Here's the outline:

  • Introduction
  • Using the Workshop Wiki and Blog
  • Lesson Planning and Its Four Questions
  • Overview of the Research
  • Effective Instructional Strategies and Educational Technology
  • Planning for Technology
  • Presentation Zen and Tour of Your Manuals
  • Conclusion and Evaluation

These areas are very important to the overall success of technology. It will be interesting to see how much emphasis is given to each. The workshop will be lead by Matt Kuhn, who was the trainer for the teacher evaluation/walkthrough training. He seems to know his way around the web 2.0 technology. I hope he can help people understand how all the pieces align to support the use of technology in the classroom.

As much as the content of the training, I am curious to see how the content is received; how natural will our teachers and administrators relate to his ideas and approaches? How familiar will they be with the content? How easily will they access some of the resources and ideas? How much will they complain that they don't have the resources to do what he is asking?

I am also interested to see who the administrators bring to the workshop. Each of them will be bringing 2 teachers. I will be taking their names for future reference as they are going to be the ones training the other teachers on this content.

It should be an interesting day.